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The team at Watervale Hotel are passionate about fresh local food and Clare Valley produce.

penobscot farm


Eating organic is a lifestyle choice – to eat in a manner healthy to you and the environment. Organic learning is to develop knowledge naturally, through curiosity, experimentation, and learning from experience. This is how our Farm Chef’s interact with the Farm. An organic relationship is simple, natural and healthy. This principle is followed through into our menu.


A word derived from two Greek words for ‘life’ and ‘energy’. Bio-dynamics implies ecological, social and economic solutions that harness natural energies and resources of the universe. We focus on growing life in the soil – fungus and bacteria that delivers nutrition to plants – and aligning our practices to the cycles of nature.

It is a holistic foundation for progress in all aspects of life connected to nutrition and health. Not surprisingly, positive energy tastes better!


Everything you do must be good for the planet, healthy for humans, and lead to an equitable distribution of wealth and well-being. Permaculture design is a sustainable, self-sufficient eco-system – economic and ecological. Key principles include leveraging diversity, utilizing abundant energy and resource, and limiting waste. Permaculture principles dictate everything we do at the Watervale Hotel.

Penobscot Farm is being developed into a bio-dynamic, organic farm, growing a wide range of  seasonal fruits, nuts, leaves and vegetables. It will become home to an assortment of animals including chickens and bees largely employed to assist in farming rather than provide protein for the plate. Permaculture expert Jared Murray is leading our team that share our passion for organic food and sustainable living. This team includes Farm Chefs learning about growing food as well as how to prepare fresh produce for the plate. 

The Penobscot Shearing Shed can be used as a catering venue for weddings, special events and farm tours


Taste Nature

Our menu is seasonal, driven by produce from our own organic, bio dynamic Penobscot Farm.