beer & Cider


The team at Watervale Hotel are passionate about fresh local food and Clare Valley produce.

beers & Ciders


There are eight beers on tap at the Watervale Hotel – four lagers from Lion Nathan and four ales from Coopers.

Ironjack 3.5 mid strength, Hahn Super Dry, West End Draught, Kirin Megumi, Coopers Pale, Session, XPA and Stout. 

We also stock the full range of beers from our two local Clare Valley Brewers – Pike’s and Clare Valley Brewing. 


We stock Barossa Cider, both apple and pear. These products are delightfully dry but fruitful. They are wine lover’s ciders. The fruit is grown in the Ashton Hills by the Ceravolo  Family and processed in the Barossa Valley.