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AHA National Hotels Awards 2021

AHAsa Hotels Awards 2020 & 2021


There are a number of principles that are guiding us along this journey


Our Promise

An eco-system refers to both the ecological system, and also the economy in which we operate. You need economic sustainability in order to fund sustainable ecological practice. We see both as equally important, and for that reason will not take short cuts on the environment to save money, nor will we bankrupt ourselves as we seek to save the planet.

Our Practices

We are devoted to providing sensual pleasure through the food, wine, ambiance and service in a way that is morally right. Our ethical practices will see us growing as much as we can organically, sourcing from the local region, recycling our waste, and treating our staff like family. At the end of the day the success of our ethical approach will be measured by the pleasurable experience we create.

Our Partners

We choose suppliers for the quality of the produce or services they can provide, but we choose our partners because they share our ethics and values. We prefer local suppliers provided they can meet our quality standards. We treat both suppliers and partners with respect, but we go out of our way to help grow our partner’s businesses alongside of our own irrespective of where they are in the world. 


The Watervale Hotel was first licenced in 1847, only 11 years after South Australia’s proclamation. Since then the Hotel has been the hub of this small town’s community. Being situated in the middle of the Clare Valley Wine region and South Australia’s Mid North pastoral district, the Watervale Hotel is centrally  located in a diverse farming community. An Australian country pub provides a venue for family and friends to share their time over meals and drinks, employment opportunities, and a place where local produce can be showcased  to tourists. 

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The Watervale Hotel – Fresh produce, minimally handled, and served to you in private spaces!

The health and well-being of our community, staff, friends, family has always been and still is our number priority.
We prepare fresh, healthy, and ethically grown produce at Penobscot Farm. Our Chefs pick produce and take it to the Watervale Hotel for preparation that day. That means that our fruit, vegetables, salad leaves and produce have likely only passed through one set of hands – disciplined local Chef’s hands – on the way to your plate. That’s a far cry from produced picked in market gardens, sorted, shipped, and potentially handled by dozens of people on shelves.

Similarly the majority of our wines have not traveled far, nor been handled by more than a few.    

We have always placed an uncompromising focus on health and hygiene practices and want to reassure you that the proactive measures we have in place to minimise normal health risks have been re-doubled as we learn from the coronavirus crisis.

On re-opening we have introduced an even more stringent cleaning and disinfecting plan. All staff have been instructed to follow this plan, and have been trained in additional hygiene practices and precautionary measures in line with guidance from health authorities.

If any staff are unwell or showing any symptoms of illness, it is normal practice that they will be asked to stay at home until they are symptom free.

We understand social distancing will become an everyday priority, and have re-worked our table plans accordingly. Very importantly we offer amazing new outdoor space in our beer garden and jail terrace as well as the veranda. Additionally we have three different private dining spaces – the intimate green and purple rooms as well as the slightly less cozy ‘Hell Hole’ jail. Don’t let the name fool you though, it’s a fine dining experience and your group will have their own kitchenette and private unisex toilet. Its worth doing time in this jail.

At the end of the day we need to keep you and our environment safe so that we can confidently greet you with warmth, a genuine smile and  hospitality. 

We have worked hard to create a fresh environment at the Hotel, with a priority on plants. They all consume carbon-dioxide and generate oxygen to balance the humans enjoying the space. We choose produce delivered in recyclable or compost-able packaging over that in plastic. We encourage our local suppliers to change their practices. We Choose to use rye or paper straws only.