our practices


The team at Watervale Hotel are passionate about fresh local food and Clare Valley produce.

OUR commitment

organic waste

Similarly we see Hotel waste as organic nutrients for soil rejuvenation or food for our livestock at Penobscot Farm. All of our waste will be sorted into chicken or animal food, compost, recyclable waste and other hard waste. We are looking to create dog food with dehydrated waste meat and carbohydrates.


We go through a lot of cartons. We have used them as weed mat at Penobscot Farm, as fire-starters in our fires, and otherwise re-cycle them.

Other Waste

We will creatively find uses for all waste products. Coffee grinds are an example. They can be used to absorb smells in the toilet, to deter millipedes in Penobscot Farm, and as a soil substitute in which mushrooms can be grown.


We have worked hard to create a fresh environment at the Hotel, with a priority on plants. They all consume carbon-dioxide and generate oxygen to balance the humans enjoying the space.


We use Mr Rye straws made from, yes, straw … or otherwise paper straws. Either go straight into compost. 

Ethical Toilet Paper

We will always use recycled paper over processed. We have chosen ‘Who gives a crap’ toilet paper for this reason. Made with 100% recycled paper, 50% of profits donated to build toilets in under developed countries.


All paper in the business from the office printing paper to all the menus is 100% recycled paper. You are not truly recycling unless you are using recycled products to begin with.


We will not use cleaning and other products that end up in the waste that have a detrimental impact in the drainage pits. Rather we see the drainage pits as a place to grow fresh fruit, particularly citrus and pomegranates. We are experimenting with making soap from used cooking oil and citrus peal.


We are disgusted by the effect waste plastic is having on our planet. We will choose produce delivered in recyclable or compost-able packaging over that in plastic. We will encourage our local suppliers to change their practices. 

Taste Nature

Our menu is seasonal, driven by produce from our own organic, bio dynamic Penobscot Farm, managed by Jared Murray and Green Living permaculture.