carl sobels wine room


The team at Watervale Hotel are passionate about fresh local food and Clare Valley produce.

CArl sobels wine room

Our new wine room dedicated to Carl Sobels, the first specialist winemaker of Quelltaler, has become to our wines what the new kitchen is to our food.

Temperature is paramount to wine enjoyment. We present wines at the correct temperature to serve red, white and sparkling wine.

The walk-in wine cellar is air-conditioned to around 18 degrees, but more importantly white and sparkling wines are refrigerated to around 6 degrees, and some red wines cooled to around 16 degrees before serving. The same regime is followed in the Watervale Hotel bars where white and sparkling wines are not cooled in beer fridges. Beer needs to be around 2-3 degrees. That’s too cold for wine. The flavor and character of the wine is flattened when that cold. Similarly if red wine is held at ‘room temperature’ in Australia that can often be much too hot. When red wine gets warm it becomes ‘jammy’ and makes a poor food accompaniment.

The cellar has a range of wine glasses and decanters for appropriate occasions, and is a perfect space for local winemakers to show off their wines to distributors, journalists and customers alike.