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the farm is continually teaching us 

OUR connection to the earth

Farm Tours

Penobscot Farm is our home, a workplace, and a site we need to protect from multitudes of trampling feet and inquisitive hands. For this reason, Farm Tours are only available as a pre-booked event including our Farm Tour and Degustation dining experiences. Farm tours can be arranged as part of accommodation packages at the Watervale Hotel Guesthouse or the Penobscot Farm Cottage. 

Penobscot Farm Tour  and Six Course Degustation Dinner – 4pm EVERYDAY subject to bookings.   

You will be encouraged to hear, see, smell, feel and taste your way through the farm as you learn about organic, bio-dynamic and permaculture farming as well as Indigenous land management.

Bio-dynamic farming requires intuitive energetic connection with the earth and the unique environment that is our farm. Activity on the farm is aligned to the cycles of nature. 

This magic or alchemy is the aspect that triggers our sixth sense when enjoying the full and fresh flavour as well as health-giving properties of bio-dynamic food.  

Must be booked in association with a six course degustation dinner for $225 / head, $300 / head including matched wine or mocktails; or the Icon wine tasting for $350.

You can book the Farm Tour and Dinner and make the beverage choice when seated.   

One Hour Tour Penobscot Farm Tour followed by Six Course Degustation Dinner Dinner seated at the Chef’s Table at the Watervale Hotel.     

Taste Nature

Our menu is seasonal, driven by produce from our own organic, bio dynamic Penobscot Farm.