The team at Watervale Hotel are passionate about fresh local food and Clare Valley produce.

OUR ever-changing MenuS

Given our obsession with freshness the menu changes regularly with seasonality and availability. We often change our menus several times a week, so the example menus are indicative only. They indicate our style of food and price-points. 

Whether from Penobscot Farm or one of our other farm partners, the produce and its provenance is always the hero of the plate. The Chef’s job is to enhance and enrich the flavours and create complimentary combinations. This is why we use different salads or vegetables for each dish, and our own house made dressings, sauces and stocks.

We use the best quality ingredients we can find, preferring to buy locally and from ethical producers. It’s a balancing act. We are quite prepared to trade-off profitability for our ethics, but not to compromise the quality of food on the plate!

Our menu is a assortment of choices, an epicurean map, but you choose the trail. There are small dishes and large, meat, fish, vegetarian options, as well as a good range of options for vegan and coeliac patrons.

We have special events such as when we light the ‘Fires of Hell’ or fire up the wood oven that create unique experiences at different times.

Our front of house make good trail guides. They can also advise on wine or non-alcoholic food matches.

We encourage children to try food from the healthy and diverse menu by offering singles and small plates. We find that by offering groups of children sharing plates they can all find something they love in addition to our amazing thrice cooked chips, and often something they have not tried before. They can even share multiple different ice-creams for dessert. 

That said, we offer a Kids Menu and Kids Feast.  

A La Carte



Taste Nature

Our menu is seasonal, driven by produce from our own organic, bio dynamic Penobscot Farm.