Watervale Hotel owners share their plans

Councillors positively responded to plans for an upgraded Watervale Hotel at the general meeting on Monday, February 19.

Watervale Hotel owner Warrick Duthy presented their plans to Clare and Gilbert Valleys Council and explained the ideas for the upgrades during the next two years.

Mr Duthy told councillors the deputation was an opportunity to share their concept plans.

“It is a beautiful building and has the potential to be a drawcard for the Clare Valley,” Mr Duthy said.

“It’s all a two-year plan, I’m very much sharing with you a two-year vision.”

Concept plans include the full use of the building, private dining areas, outdoor seating, commercial kitchen and a cellar – all with disabled access.

Mr Duthy said the extended kitchen area would prove a positive for training opportunities and allow other businesses to utilise the facilities.

With a range of applications possible for all areas of the pub, it will become a business of opportunity and diversification – benefiting its patrons. “We see that as being a very, very important objective,” Mr Duthy said.

“We want to make sure whatever we do is of really high quality.”

From the Northern Argus FEBRUARY 23 2018 – 11:13AM

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