Our sourcing policy is to use the most local food we can, of the quality standards we demand.

In many cases that means we will be prepared pay more to use local produce, but it will also mean that we will use the world as our food bowel as we search for the best. For example we will prioritise seafood from the Spencer and Saint Vincent Gulf’s of South Australia, and meat grown in the Mid North. We may need to go to Europe for much of our cheese.

With this philosophy in mind Warrick Duthy and Nicola Palmer have acquired two historic food producing properties in Watervale in addition to the Watervale Hotel. They are Penobscot Farm situated one kilometre south of the Hotel on Horrock’s Highway, and the old butcher shop at number 6 Quelltaler Road across the road from the Hotel.

Penobscot Farm and No 6 Quelltaler Road are to be developed as organic farms using permaculture principles by our Gardener Jared Murray. Clare Valley locals may know of Jared as husband of Yoga teacher Jane Ollsen.

We will use this page of our website for photographs and stories to ensure we all understand where our food comes from, and the work behind our culinary pleasure.

No 6 Quelltaler Road already has a wide range of mature and healthy fruit and nut trees, and we will plant a new herb and vegetable ‘kitchen garden’ immediately opposite the hotel from which Chefs can pick fresh produce.

Penobscot will be developed into a larger farm, including poultry. In time we will develop the old shearing shed into a catering venue for special events and farm tours.

The vision is for the produce from both Farms to find its way onto the plates at the Watervale Hotel, as well as used in ingredients for Penobscot Farm branded fresh packaged food that can be sold from the Watervale Hotel – including sauces, terrines, pate and parfait.