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The Watervale Hotel will go through three distinct stages of development over the next two years.
In the first stage we are offering wonderful sharing plates in the Front Bar, on the veranda out the front of the hotel, in two new private dining rooms, and in the Hotel dining room. 

We will significantly re-develop the outside area behind the Hotel into a large beer and wine garden with an all new glass fronted kitchen.

The new kitchen will feature:

  • A kitchen bar that can be used for in kitchen dining, training or cooking schools.
  • A dedicated preparation kitchen that will also be used to produce Penobscot Farm produce.
  • A dessert and pastry section that boasts a blast freezer. We can’t wait to experiment with this.
  • A mains section that will explore different cooking techniques and styles. We have bought a wok burner and a tandoori oven amongst more traditional western ovens and grills.
  • A scullery that will separate waste into chook food, compost, recyclable waste and non-recyclable waste.

In the interim we are making do with a smaller kitchen and have prepared a tasting plate menu that both works within the kitchen’s limitations, with dishes designed to be shared and enjoyed on our Front Bar, our Veranda Bar, or in one of our Dining Rooms.

The final stage of development will see refurbishment of the Pub restaurant, and a walk in wine cellar / bottle shop adjacent to the dining room as part of the inside experience.

Regions SA is a major supporter of the project, particularly our plan to use the new kitchen and dining room as a training venue. We look forward to hiring and training cooking apprentices, as well as training hospitality staff in food service and wine – our commitment to the Government.

Bar Refurbishment

Watervale Hotel bar is complete thanks to some very helpful assistants! A big shout out to DB Renovations, Simon Byles Plumbing, Docair, Greg Bryksy for the stainless work, and outside help from Lancer beer systems.

Watervale Hotel is open:

11am – late 7 days.

Our kitchen offers all day dining:

11am – 9pm 7 days

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