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The Watervale Hotel will go through three distinct stages of development over the next two years.

In the first stage we are offering wonderful sharing plates in the Front Bar, on the veranda out the front of the hotel, in two new private dining rooms, and in the Hotel dining room. 

We have begun the re-development the outside area behind the Hotel into a large beer and wine garden with an all new glass fronted kitchen.

The new kitchen will feature:

-A kitchen bar that can be used for in kitchen dining, training or cooking schools.

-A dedicated preparation kitchen that will also be used to produce Penobscot Farm produce.

-A dessert and pastry section.

-A mains section that will explore various styles of international food.

-A scullery that will separate waste into chook food, compost, recyclable waste and non-recyclable waste.

Over Winter 2019 this kitchen will service the current Hotel dining spaces whilst we renovate the old kitchen into a bar, and landscape the beer garden.

We will open the Beer Garden in Spring 2019 and largely operate as an outdoor Hotel over Summer.

This will allow us to refurbish the Pub restaurant, and a walk in wine cellar / bottle shop adjacent to the dining room due to be opened in Autumn 2020.

Regions SA is a major supporter of the project, particularly our plan to use the new kitchen and dining room as a training venue. We look forward to hiring and training cooking apprentices, as well as training hospitality staff in food service and wine. 

New Footprint

This shows the size of the new kitchen, cool rooms, and storage for our new hotel. The Beer Garden will sit between the hotel, the Gaol and Toilet Block, and the kitchen. 

The Beer Garden ?

Well it will be the Beer Garden. The structure to the left and rear will be the new toilet block.  The ‘Hell Hole’ is being renovated into a private dining room. A new door has been created for staff entry and a new toilet is being installed for Gaol ‘patrons’. 

Rain Delays

Building in winter has its complications.  

Toilet Block

The framework for the new toilety block took no time build once the foundation was down.

90 Tonnes of Concrete

The concrete slab was a great milestone but the infrastructure below the surface is amazing. There are conduits for beer lines from the cool store to new bar, storm-water drains, waste water pipes, electricity cables, hot and cold water and gas pipes installed to a plan prepared by Greg Pulford Architects and managed by Dan Palmer of Terra Firma. 

Re-enforcing Steel

Attention to detail is critical when preparing to pour concrete. 

Retaining Walls

Terra Firma installed retaining walls along the new boundary between the Watervale Hotel and 3 North Terrace. This adjoining property has been acquired and will become the Watervale  Hotel Guesthouse. 

Terra Rossa over Limestone

As we cut into the Watervale earth and dug deep for foundations we discovered classic Watervale Terra Rossa over Limestone, with Bluestone beneath.

Exposing Old Beauty

The Watervale Hotel is a beautiful old charmer. We aim to treat her with utmost respect as we bring her back to former glory. We stripped away old carpet to find orange vinyl, and under that were amazing Baltic pine boards. 

The Purple Room

Within months of new ownership this empty old accommodation room was transformed into a private dining room. Inspiration for the colour scheme came from the furniture bought at Scammells Auctions. The art is by Watervale local celebrity Harry Sherwin. 

Front Bar Renovation

Stainless Steel from Watervale craftsmen Exact Cut was a wonderful finishing touch to the temporary bar renovation.  

New Verandah Bar

The first thing we did when we bought the Watervale Hotel was to remove the old Beer and Wine signs.

We then commissioned local Andy Gallagher to build a veranda bar. What was once a walkway to the men’s urinal has become a wonderful dining area for 24. 

New Grease Trap and Waste Management System

Terra Firma and Hydroscape combined under the guidance of Clare’s MACE Engineetring to install a waste management system that would allow us to grow from a license of 100 tocapacity for 400 patrons. 

Watervale Hotel is open:

11am – late 7 days.

Our kitchen offers all day dining:

11am – 9pm 7 days

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